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Issue 66 - March 2010

Monday 29 March 2010 by Ina Doublekova

New Books Published

(JPG) Engin Geçtan, The Smell of Fried Bonito, transl. into Arabic by Murad Mahmoud Awad (Dar Kreidieh for Printing, Publishing & Distributing, Beirut, Lebanon 2010), supported by South-South Translation Project

The Smell of Fried Bonito is the fourth novel of the Turkish psychotherapist and writer Engin Geçtan. It is a rediscovery of Istanbul’s charms, beauty, and magic, narrated in the form of a phantasmatic journey through ages and cultures. Struggling with the sense of worldlessness and alienation, Engin Geçtan’s protagonist represents “the desire to live more than one life” in order to achieve self-knowledge. Besides the vivid descriptions of people and places, the novel meditates on concepts like “self” and “the other”, “native” and “foreign”, etc.

(JPG) Apokalipsa Review: Arabic issue – Philosophy – Politics – Emancipation, March 2010, no. 139, transl. into Slovenian by Mohsan and Margit Alhady (Slovenia 2010), supported by Encounters Project

The new issue of the Slovenian cultural monthly Apokalipsa reveals the horizons of Islamic philosophy, critical theory, and political science. The volume covers a broad scope of topics and schools – from the emblematic treatise of Averroes where he defends the use of the Aristotelian philosophy within the Islamic thought, to contemporary reflections on theology, human rights, East-West intercultural dialogue, and Islamic feminism.


Apokalipsa Review, a cultural monthly from Slovenia, is issuing a call for the 6th HAIKU COMICS volume Contributions (and questions) are welcomed at REVIJA APOKALIPSA, UI. Lili Novy 25, 1000 Ljubljana, marked Haiku comics, until 1 June 2010 or via e-mail (in tif or jpg format, 600dpi BW or 300dpi GRAYSCALE) to the following address: For the full text of the announcement, please click here.