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Issue 98 - April 2016 English

Monday 16 May 2016


In this issue of Page Back:

Sofia Literature and Translation House:

Next Page and Sofia Municipality Sign an Agreement on Launching the Literature and Translation House

After more than two years of negotiations and preparations, the first public-private partnership in culture at municipal property in Sofia is a fact! The Literature and Translation House is an initiative of Next Page Foundation now to be jointly developed with the municipality at a site of a cultural value: the former residency of the renowned Bulgarian painter Nenko Balkanski.

The partnership was unanimously approved by 55 members of Sofia City Council. The activities of the Literature and Translation House are to be governed by a Development Committee comprising representatives of Next Page, Sofia Municipality and the proprietor of the premise, the Sofia History Museum.

Albeit both the
website and partly the house itself are under constant refurbishment, lively professional events are already taking place and the residency program is advancing.

We Have Moved!

Next Page Foundation has moved its office to a new location. We will be working out of the newly opened Literature and Translation House (see above news):

12 Latinka Str.
Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

Telephone numbers and email addresses remain the same.

Sofia Literature and Translation House

Spring Programme
Translators’ Thursdays

is a series of 2-hour seminars led by distinguished Bulgarian literary translators. This spring we invite you to:

28 April 2016 | Thursday |17:00-19:00
Translating Verb Tenses
Associate Professor Yordan Kosturkov

12 May 2016 | Thursday |17:00-19:00
Reception of Dutch-Language Literature in Bulgaria
Aneta Dantcheva-Manolova

19 May2016 | Thursday |17:00-19:00
Translating Titles
Iglika Vassileva

26 May 2016 | Thursday |17:00-19:00
On Footnotes
Neva Micheva

Other Forthcoming Events:

11 May 2016 (Wednesday) | 14:00-16:00 | House of Europe in Sofia
Literary Diversity in Europe: Who Is Setting the Tendencies?
A presentation of the first results of Diversity Report 2016, the next one in a series of studies on translation tendencies across Europe led by Verein für kulturelle Transfers Austria. Yana Genova (Next Page Foundation) with comments by Vesselin Todorov (TBC) of the Bulgarian Publishers Association.

18 May 2016 (Wednesday) | 15:00-18:00 | Literature and Translation House
Poetry Translations between Neighbours (TBC)
A presentation of the Turkish-Bulgarian poetry translation workshop "Neighbours" (Istanbul, 2015) and a discussion led by the Turkish poet and poetry promoter Gyokchenur.

May (TBC)
Literary Translations in Russia Today
Elena Kalashnikova (Russia)