News items:
September 2017: Прессъобщение: Първи каталог с арабски преводи на съвременни автори от България и Балканите
June 2017: Прессъобщение: Разкази на Георги Господинов и Миглена Николчина в превод на арабски
May 2017: Прессъобщение: Софийски форум за превода събира професионалисти от над 10 държави
May 2017: Press Release: Translation Collider Forum will gather professionals from over 10 countries
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Completed activities

East-South Translation Grants

Sunday 28 September 2008

South-South Translation Grants

Friday 26 October 2007 by Natasha Mullins

Islam and Politics Translation Project

Sunday 14 September 2003

Romani Library project

A multilingual pan-European program that focuses on the selection, translation, publication, distribution and promotion of significant works of contemporary Romani literature (continue)

comiXculture I

An initiative, aiming to engage young people in tackling the issues of social intolerance and racism with the help of the art genres of comix, graphic novels and multiple-choice (game) books. (continue)

Research project: Why do we speak like that? Language changes in the transition period

A project focusing on documentation and research of the significant process of cultural transfer via translation that took place over the last 17 years in three CEE countries. (continue)

Romani Collection at the European Library � TEL

A joint initiative for creating a digital collection of Romani language resources. (continue)

Romani Publications Program

An initiative that supported publishing in the language of Roma people and contributed to cross-border circulation of Romani publications (continue)

East Translates East

East Translates East supports dialogue and publishing exchange between Central and Eastern European countries with the means of different grants. (continue)

Media and Journalism Translation Program

Supporting translation and accessibility of seminal books on media and journalism into the languages of CEE. (continue)

Translating Current Debates

Translating Current Debates aimed at making available translations of contemporary titles in social sciences and humanities for the academic and wider audiences in Central and Eastern Europe. (continue)

Cultural Policy Translations and Publications

A small-scope program, dedicated to the translation of seminal books on cultural policy into CEE languages. (continue)

Balkan History Translation Program

The small fund aims at supporting translations of books on Balkan history originally written by authors outside the region. (continue)

Translation Project

Aiming to enrich the availability of basic academic texts, to sustain informed public discussion on social and political issues, and to assist the up-growing private publishing in CEE. (continue)

Books across Borders Platform (2003 - 2008)

A large multinational, multipartners� platform aiming to strenghten the publishing infrastructure in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. (continue)